Enlightn is a software tool that simply and cleverly connects all your company’s employees based on people and their discussions. This enables your employees to work more efficiently together.

Smart Enlightn allows quality exchanges as well as fast and efficient
information sharing.

Messages and links auto-tagging

Discussions and shared documents on Enlightn will be automatically tagged.

Beneficiaries suggestion

Before sending a message, Enlightn will automatically suggest a list of your colleagues that you can consider including based on the message content.

Smart profile

Your colleagues’ profiles show their specific competences.
Quickly find who you need to contact.

Trending topics

Monitoring tool of the company, Trending topics shows the main topics people are currently working on.

An ergonomic design and an intuitive interface for easy and immediate adoption by all your colleagues.

Searching for existing information

An efficient multi search engine allowing access to all internal company resources (discussions, documents and URL).

Link in a discussion

HTML links are automatically transformed in an attachment and archived in the Cloud. Their contents are accessible directly on Enlightn from anywhere at any time.

Saved search

Save your most frequent searches and use them as files,
it’s easy and functional.

With Enlightn, enjoy open communication reaching your colleagues anywhere at any time!


Search and quickly find your colleagues who can help to achieve
your objectives.

Rich profile

Spot in a glance your colleague’s experience and competences!

Internal e-reputation

Develop your e-identity and find out with whom you have common professional interests in your company.

Why Enlightn?

Faster access to existing information, identify and work
with internal experts, increase innovation capacity.

Faster access to existing information
within the company

Don’t waste time searching for existing information as all company resources are now available and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Identify and work with a panel
of internal experts

Gather the collective knowledge of your company: quickly spread ideas and resolve business issues together.

Increase innovation capacity

Encourage your colleagues’ creativity: Promote sharing ideas and innovations, gather the collective intelligence within your organisation.

Break geographical borders
and organisational silos

Break down organisational silos and gather the collective intelligence within your company. Identify and easily contact your colleagues, even those who are not in the same office.



- Secured collaborative platform
- Saas or infrastructure
- Tailor made platform
- Back office administrator
- Help desk live 24/7

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- Follow and support Enlightn
deployment process
- Work closely with the best 2.0
consulting firms
- Deployment strategy and efficient change management
for your organisation
- Introduce your employees to Enlightn project and help them to adopt it
- Adapt Enlightn to your company’s needs

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